The Tiles in Miden Quest Online are plots of land on the map that grant different trade skills and enemies, and come in the following varieties:

Lakes are blue tiles. Tradeskill is Fishing.

Swamps are dark grey tiles. Tradeskill is Gathering.

Plains are yellow tiles. Tradeskill is Gathering.

Rocks (Feel free to call them mountains) are grey tiles. Tradeskill is Mining.

Forests are green tiles. Tradeskill is Logging.

Cities/towns are tan tiles. Has 5 options to choose from:

  1. Buying/Selling of non-enchanted weapons and armor.
  2. Imbue/Extract of magical elements into or out of weapons for additional stats.
  3. Work as salesman. Receive gold and tradeskill XP.
  4. Town quests. See Quests
  5. Market. Currently under development.

Dungeons are also tiles. They have not yet been found so there isn't any information on them aside from the fact that they contain the NULL enemies. See Enemy Information

Tiles gain eperience points equal to the experience all players gain when performing tradeskills or fighting monsters on that tile. The tile's current level and experience can be seen in the window on the bottom left. When tiles level up, more monsters and resources are unlocked on that tile. Also towns have a different ways to level. In this case turning in a Quest which will also increase the towns current experience to the next level.