There are ten differents statistics that you can increase in the game

How to level stats :

To level up stats there are some differents way :

- by leveling up you get 1 skill point per level that you can add to one of the stats

-equipement give some bonus stats

- by fighting some time you can find HP drops that add to the max usually 1 hp and max very rare +25 hp this also goes for MP in which the max drop is +20

What are all the stats :

Strength: Increase your total damage

Defense : increase your physical defense

dexterity: increase your hit chance %

agility: increase your dodge chance %

Vitality : increase your total hp ( cannot be increase with skill points)

Magic: increase your spell damage

Resistance: Increase your magic defense

Focus : increase your spell hit chance

Magic Evasion: increase your chance to dodge a spell casted on you

Energy : Increase your max Mana points ( cannot be increase with skill points)