This is a comprehensive guide to understanding what a TS'er is and how to become one.

What is a TS'er?

In Miden Quest a TS'er is an active/idle player who puts most of their time and effort into gathering items and money using trade skills, and eventually using the market effectively to make decent money. Relics from chests are important for any good TS'er. Time management skills are required since you need to maximize the time per day that your idle trade skills are active.

How to become a TS'er:

Let's assume you are starting Miden Quest at level 1 with little gold, no relics, and no equipment. At this point you can't do much except pick a trade skill. The first one I would suggest would beScouting. Scouting is a good first trade skill if you are beginning in a zone where there are not many tiles discovered since you will want to look see the drop percentages of trade resources.Salesman is another good first choice, particularly if there already many discovered tiles nearby. Head to a town and start developing your salesman skill. It will give you great early gold income. From this point it is better to focus on one specific trade skill, especially with your relics, since you want a high workload in order to idle as late as possible.